E-Commerce Campaign Management (TGS-2020513306)

WSQ Programmes

Develop detailed e-Commerce campaigns, liaise with partners to enhance online awareness, website and campaign visibility and manage campaigns. (English Only)

Course Reference No: CRS-Q-0042079-RET

Module Content

  • Develop online mechanics and activities for e-Commerce campaigns 
  • Select potential mobile, online and social media platform to  reach out to target customers 
  • Manage execution of campaign to achieve the desired results
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction and sales to determine effectiveness of campaigns
  • Refine campaign to enhance its effectiveness
  • Manage pre-campaign testing
  • Manage mobile, online and social media platforms 
  • Manage campaign budgets
    • Collaborate with business partners to create sales opportunities and enhance online awareness, websites’ and campaigns’ visibility

Learning Outcomes

  1. Able to develop detailed E-Commerce campaigns with allocated budget and select the right tools for effective customer outreach
  2. Able to communicate and liaise with various partners to enhance online awareness, website and campaign visibility.
  3. Manage and execute strategies of the campaign and use collected data to drive and refine campaigns

This module is part of the WSQ Diploma in Retail E-Commerce!