Order Fulfilment and Returns Processing (TGS-2020513308)

WSQ Programmes

Develop, revise and monitor order fulfilment guidelines to be competitive and in line with industry standards and in accordance to define the customer experience. (English Only)

Course Reference No: CRS-Q-0042081-RET

Module Content

  • Develop order fulfilment processes for store collection, local and overseas deliveries
  • Oversee the order fulfilment processes
  • Ensure order fulfilment is processed in accordance with the organisation’s service standards
  • Manage third-party logistics partners and delivery activities
  • Develop processes for re-ordering of stocks with internal stakeholders
  • Review performance of third-party logistics partners and last mile delivery efficiencies against organisation’s business strategies

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the concept of Supply Chain  Management Strategy and Processes
  2. Apply the concepts of Warehouse Operations and Inventory Management Processes to enable Order Fulfilment.
  3. Able to manage the Order Fulfilment and Returns Processing to meet organisation service standards and KPI
  4. Able to understand and monitor the Transportation, Import, Export and Custom activities to fulfil the successful closure of the order fulfilment process.

This module is part of the WSQ Diploma in Retail E-Commerce