Vendor Management (TGS-2019503288 or TGS-2020513085)

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Vendor Management

Manage vendor relationships by ensuring performance as per contracts, operations within standards established by the organisation such as adherence to safety, security, compliance standards. Develop and sustain vendor relationships and manage vendor performance. 

 Course Content:

  • Sustain smooth interactions and relationships with vendors
  • Determine and set clear parameters and expectations of vendors’ roles and responsibilities
  • Negotiate with vendors to align interests and/or goals and arrive at mutually-beneficial arrangements
  • Analyse vendor service delivery and performance levels in line with key performance indicators, and provide performance feedback
  • Resolve complaints and quality or service issues with vendors
  • Evaluate the impact of contractual issues and problems on the organisation, and determine if a major contractual breach has occurred
  • Manage vendors’ performance against standards and benchmarks

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