WSQ Module 1.Events Planning and Management (TGS-2019503054 or TGS-2020513076)

WSQ Programmes

At the end of this module, participants are expected to be able to develop, manage and execute event plans according to agreed timelines and budgetary requirements. As well as manage implementation of integrated plans for multiple events to ensure cohesive planning.

Contents of this module:

Develop event plans for relationship building, celebration, fund-raising, media and other public relations objectives

Manage events according to agreed timelines as well as budgetary requirements

Outline the details and mechanics of events

Manage the coordination of event logistics and setup such as event schedules and venue layout and dressing

Establish performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of events planning and management

Keep up-to-date market trends, consumer events schedules and venue preferences

Assess and respond to the need for adjustments to event plans