WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Venue Management and Operations) | TGS-2020504632

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Venue Management and Operations

The WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Venue Management & Operations) equip learners to apply essential knowledge & skills pertaining to execute the event from the venue perspective. Learners will deepen their skills in planning, managing, organising & coordinating of venue operations from venue handover to takeover & setup to teardown, resource allocation & management, equipment procurement & distribution;& the skills to ensure clientele satisfaction while maintaining the operating budget.

Learners on completing the course will deepen their knowledge & increase the manager’s ability in idea generation & selection, project management, manpower planning, resource management, & workplace health & safety performance management, & managing stakeholders in providing go the extra mile services aspects of an event are an integral part of the learning outcomes of the course. The course aims to deepen & broaden the skillset of PMEs practising in the sector as well as those planning to join the sector.

  • Generate and select new ideas in event coordination and operations to develop and schedule the venue operations plan
  • Plan, justify and allocate necessary equipment and manpower to support the pre-, during and post-event venue operations
  •  Develop risk management and on-the-job training plans to minimise injuries and completion of contractual work
  • Collate stakeholders’ feedbacks in venue operations service improvement to achieve future events sales
1Idea Generation and Selection (TGS-2020503374)Facilitate brainstorming discussions, encourage idea generation and share opinions so as to evaluate and shortlist new methods, procedures, techniques or systems according to business needs
(16 Hours)
2Project Management (TGS-2020503879)Identifying event scopes, objectives and requirements to develop detailed project plans through the executing process in event initiation, event planning, event implementation, and event control, completion and review.
(16 Hours)
3Resource Management (TGS-2020503880)Equips learners to make use of tools and techniques to monitor resource usage, and apply various methods to improve resource management.
(16 hours)
4MICE Equipment Management and Venue Management (TGS-2020503881)Equips learners to develop purchasing, leasing and maintaining equipment service contracts and the equipment maintenance plans.
(16 hours)
5Manpower Planning (TGS-2020503882)Equips learners to apply statistical analysis techniques for reviewing existing workforce to forecast BTMICE industry’s manpower demand, and to implement elasticity of substitution in headcounts and people strategies in the BTMICE industry workforce.
(16 hours)
6Workplace Safety and Health Performance Management (TGS-2020503883)Equips learners with skills and abilities to identify WSH security hazards, evaluate the risks, implement control measures, and to monitor, review and implement the Risk Management Plan to ensure safe BTMICE operations.
(16 hours)
7Managing Stakeholder Expectations (TGS-2020503884)Equips learners with knowledge and abilities in choosing appropriate strategies and methods to promote a customer-centre environment within the organisation to achieve service excellence when managing Venue Operations.
(16 hours)

Course Participant Requirements

  • Computer-literate and able to complete online assessments
    • Preferably between 21 and 69 years old,
    • For applicants above 69 years old, he/she has to be
      • Employed in the related industries together with a company recommendation letter.
      • Physically fit enough to manage the job requirements of the Tourism or relevant industries
  • All course modules must be completed in sequence
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